Internal Medicine

Internal medicine, also known as general medicine is the  medical specialty dealing with the diagnosis, and treatment of internal diseases. Internal Medicine practitioners are known as Internists, or physicians. Their qualification consists of and MBBS and MD in Internal Medicine (or equivalent). We at Sama Hospital are privileged to have a truly distinguished ENT department.We are equipped with the latest technology and instrumentation for treating all kinds of ENT diseases and infections. Our ENT surgery team surgery team is highly experience and distinguished in their field. We are one of the few centres in Delhi performing Cochlear Implant Surgery for children with severe hearing impairment. Sama Hospital also runs charitable programs to provide treatment for children with severe hearing impairment, an undertaking for which we are supported by marquee organizations such as HCL and ConCor.

Our Doctors

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Dr.O.P. Sharma


Senior Consultant


Dr. V.K.Jha


Senior Consultant

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