Securing a medical appointment


How do I schedule medical appointment with a specialist at Sama Hospital?

Any patient or his/her attendant can contact the International Patients Service Centre of the location of choice, via variety of options like telephone, fax, email, or physical mail. Details regarding the same are available at the contact us section of this website. You can also contact us with the help of Request an Estimate form of this website.

What information is needed from the patient’s side on a medical appointment?

A patient must provide all the relevant information about his medical condition including medical history, scans, reports and current medication etc. If your local doctor in home country has referred you at Sama Hospital you are requested to give the contact details of the doctor.

What if I do not have a referral from a local doctor?

You can always contact the International Patient Centre of Sama Hospital directly carrying details about your medical history and treatment sought even if you have not been referred to us by a local doctor. The hospital co-ordinators will guide you throughout the process and help you in scheduling an appointment with the appropriate specialist in no time.

Will I get personalized service about the duration and cost of treatment?

Once a patient have consulted a specialist at Sama, specialized relationship manager from our hospital will guide you about the complete plan of approximate cost of treatment and the stay at hospital accompanied by an advice on the necessary pre/post treatment care.

Visiting India

What is the procedure and time needed to get a Visa?

Obtaining a visa for medical tourism is not different from acquiring a normal visa for travel. But if you are needed to frequently visit the country during course of treatment , you can also opt for a multiple entry visa for which you can request a letter from the hospital authorities to validate your claim

What is meant by ‘FRRO required within 14 days of arrival’ written in my visa?

FRRO stands for Foreign Regional Registration Office. If you are a medical tourist and you have a ‘M’ type visa as in case of medical travelers, you are required to register yourself within 14 days of arrival with the above stated office. Our patient service co-ordinators can help you through the procedure for which you just need to follow their instruction. The prescribed format for registration is also available in the hospital itself at the International Patients Service Desk. If you are travelling from Pakistan/Bangladesh, you are required to be register your arrival within 24 hours with the nearest police station/commissioner’s office, the instructions of which can be found in the Visa/Transit document.

Will I be picked up from the airport?

You can request to be received and picked up at the airport by contacting our International Patients Service Department by informing them about your travel plan and location. The contact details are provided on the contact us page of the website.

Stay At Sama Hospital

How can I register myself at the hospital on arrival?

One is required to produce his/her passport at the registration counter to get registered at our hospital. The hospital will maintain a copy of your passport in its record which is mandatory as per the guidelines of Government of India.

What if I am not fluent in English and native Indian languages?

We ensure that your communication with the doctors and specialists never suffer at any point of the treatment and our International Patients Services Department makes sure that you get the services of a language interpreter who stays with you during all the medical interactions aiding your communication with the doctors.

Where can my family stay if they accompany me during treatment?

Our International Patients Services Department can make necessary arrangement for accommodation of your family on your request and you can communicate about your travel details to the department for ease and convenience.

Who can be contacted in case I need any assistance while my stay at Sama Hospital?

The nursing team and the primary consultant is responsible for all your medical needs and requirements during your stay at Sama and in case of any non-medical requirement, the International Patients Services Department can be contacted anytime for assistance and support.

Which personnel can I expect to meet except the doctor and the nurse during my stay at my room?

Apart from the medical and nursing staff, the staff from International Patients Services Department will meet you daily in addition to your dietician and Physiotherapist if needed during your treatment. You can also expect to see the housekeeping staff that would take care of clean surroundings in your room.

Should I tip the additional staff for their services offered?

We strongly condemn this practice but if you wish to contribute to our employee’s welfare, you can do so through the Employee Benevolence Fund. Further details regarding the same can be gathered through the International Patients Services Department.

What if I want phone calls from my home country or wish to connect to my relatives and friends in my home country?

The hospital have a great mechanism that can handle calls from across the world and can patch the call directly to your room. Your friends and family in your home country can contact you through the hospital’s number which is available on the contact us page of the website. If you wish to make an international call you can: o Dial ‘0’ from the phone provided in your room and dial your country code followed by area code and then the mobile or landline number. o Dial ‘9’ to get connected to our operator who can assist you in getting connected to your destination. Please note that the international calls are charged at pulse rates and will be added to the hospital bill as per the calling rates which vary from country to country.

What kind of food I will be offered? Will my preference be taken care of?

We can offer you variety of food preparation according to your preference and tastes. However, the food you would receive are subject to doctor’s advice and your health status. Food from outside hospital premises is not permitted and smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited in the hospital campus.

Do I have praying options while my stay at Sama?

Sama Hospital offer location in its facility to pray and worship for every patient and his family members. These locations are meant to cater to major religions of the world like Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. and are in accordance with their religious beliefs. We can also provide counselling and pastoral services for which you can contact the International Patients Services Department.

Payment Process

Can the Medical Expenses at Sama be claimed by my Insurance Provider?

Sama Hospital is an accredited medical institution and is recognized by major insurance providers across the globe. We also offer cashless treatment facility in association with different insurance providers across the globe, the list of which is available at the Admission counter or with the International Patients Services Department. The insurance coverage is valid only for those In-patient treatments and procedures which take more than 48 hours hospitalization and is subject to insurer’s approval. You are required to deposit a sum at admission which is refunded to you once your insurance provider authorizes the bill payment according to the room category. In case, the amount is not approved by the insurer for any reason within 48 hours, you are required to settle the hospital dues and claim reimbursement from your insurance provider.

What are the modes of payment available?

At Sama Hospital, we accept all the major credit cards like VISA, MASTER CARD, AMEX & CIRRUS and even Traveler’s Cheque for payments. We also accept payments for in-patient services in the following currencies: USD, CAD, Euro, Pound Sterling, Omani Riyal, UAE Dirham, Kuwait Dinar, Saudi Riyal, Singapore Dollars etc. An online payment gateway in our website for select locations is also available at your service round the clock for payment settlement

Discharge Process

What is the detailed procedure involved in my discharge and will I get a copy of all medical reports?

Your primary consultant responsible for your treatment will inform you about the date of your discharge. At the time of discharge, a nurse from the medical staff will give detail about the treatment/surgery that you had received while your stay at Sama Hospital. In addition to detailed report about the treatment, you will also be guided about the medications you have to take, follow-up requirements, if any and will also hand over all your medical reports/X-Ray/MRI and other documents and medications.

How can I follow up with doctors on reaching my home country?

You can contact our International Patients Services Department and can write about your progress and health and they will surely forward your queries to your doctors at Sama. You are kindly requested to mention your hospital registration number in all your correspondences with the hospital.