Geriatrics is the specialty that focuses on care of the elderly, both in sickness and in health. Geriatrics focuses on the elderly in the same way that pediatrics caters to children. Older adults need healthcare to be consonant with their aging body and minds. Therefore, the care of elderly patients differs significantly from the care of younger adults. In addition, there are several conditions that are specific to the elderly, such as senile dementia, Alzhiemers Disease, Paralytic Stroke, Cardiovascular Disorders such as heart failure, eye diseases such as senile macular degeneration, and joint disorders such as osteoarthritis.

Aging patients also face different choices than younger adult patients. For example, many elderly patients may not be able to withstand major surgical procedures, and therefore may choose to be treated by conservative means (non-surgical treatment).At Sama Hosptial, we are privileged to have consultants specialized in geriatrics. DR. O. P. Sharma is a Senior Geriatric Specialist and is an authority in the field of Geriatrics. He is the General Secretary of The Geriatric Society of India and Editor for the geriatrics textbook entitled “Principles and Practice in Geriatric Medicine”.

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